Jordan “asmr for the eyes” Marcelino is a Design student that is constantly looking for new creative challenges. Working as a graphic designer with experience in outreach and marketing, Jordan is sharing his experience with the team. Looking up to the likes of Virgil Abloh and Dapper Dan, Jordan is gathering the knowledge necessary to start his own line.


As a fourth year sociology major Kendall might not seem like fashion is her forte, but growing up internationally has made the fashion industry and all that goes into it that much more exciting to her. Although she doesn’t speak French, she does speak Chinese—making for a great conversation starter!


VP of Business Relations

Ana-Maria is in her 4th and last year as an International Business student with a minor in Supply Chain Operations. She aims to travel the world while working as a passionate and creative professional. Fashion has always been a strong influence in her day-to-day life and more recently in the start of her career. She holds a dual citizenship as a Canadian and European, so don’t be surprised to see her move around a lot with her dog Mulan in the future! (once Covid ends of course)

A procrastinator who always manages to get the job done, Giancarlo, aka Giannie, is a second-year communications student who knows how to look like a million bucks on a student budget. Aside from the CFBA, he is part of the COMS Guild and Loyola Committee. With his school involvement, he aims to represent students and make their time at Concordia one to remember! Giannie lives by the philosophy of the golden mean and always works to improve himself!

Director of Business Relations

Chloe is finishing off her final year of University as a marketing major and wanted one last chance to be apart of an amazing team before it was too late. She’s always had a passion for fashion—her family can vouch for this! When she was young, she wouldn’t leave the house without her purple cowboy boots and princess tiara. Although she has retired the tiara and bright purple boots, she still has the same love for making an entrance (or exit should we say!)

Director of Business Relations



VP of Marketing

Jennifer is a third year Design student who loves exploring museums and small shops around Montreal. When it comes to fashion, she believes that sustainability and minimalism are the keys to timeless style. She enjoys learning about the ins and outs of the industry and wishes to one day create fashion editorials for innovative brands.

Director of Marketing

Lucie is a third year creative writing major, minoring in law and society. She appreciates unique and sustainable fashion, and like most on a student budget, she loves to visit different thrift stores around Montreal! Fun fact: she once forged a letter from Hogwarts to convince her younger sister she was a witch !


VP Corporate Communications

His name is Nong Nghia, but people know him by John - A film student who adores dapper wear. He believes "dressing well is half the talk", that is why you will never see John underdressed on any occasion. He strives to dress as dangerous as James Bond.

Graphic Designer

Jen is a first-year Design student with hopes to one day work with other artists on publications. She is easily distracted by quirky typeface choices on roadside diner menus, and by the topic of soulmates & growing old. Fascinated by its strong creative direction and heavy use of story-telling, Jen has gained quite an interest for the fashion industry—specifically the artistry behind new collection campaigns and runway shows. Fun fact: Jen is our graphic designer and photoshopped herself into our pictures!!


VP of Events

Dai Wei Zhang is a fourth-year accounting student and a loyal supporter of Classic Menswear. Functional and effortless style is important to him in the making of a consistent personal image. “Try everything once” is his motto. As a result, he regularly pushes himself out of his comfort zone, and strives for the best!


VP Internal Affairs

Lyse is a 4th-year Business Technology Management (BTM) major and a Computer Science (CS) Minor. Lyse has some experience with Jiu Jitsu, Savate Kickboxing and Taekwondo, so don’t challenge her to a fight! She has also lived in five countries and can answer your questions about the CFBA in three languages!

VP of Finance

Laurence sees herself becoming one of the top female entrepreneurs. She is currently a third year finance student, and already has a diploma in fashion marketing! She’s also working full time as a kid’s shoe developer. Trends alert: Dinosaurs & Unicorns are going to be big in 2021!